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Hello, all. Hope you’ve had a good last seven days and your week is off to a great start. In last week’s edition of Footenotes, we touched on Eric Berry’s future with the Chiefs, gave an NBA playoff preview and somehow got on the topic of the proper way to go grocery shopping. With NFL free agency in full swing and NCAA March Madness on the horizon, there’s plenty to talk about this week. Without further ado…

March Madness:

  1. Your personal bracket?

2. Reactions to the Big XII Tournament?

To be completely honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the performances the Kansas Jayhawks put up in their first two games of the tournament. I did not expect Bill Self’s team to roll over West Virginia, a team that had given Kansas trouble earlier in the season, by 14 points. I saw the Iowa State loss in the championship game coming but overall, it was a promising tournament for a very young Kansas team.

I didn’t see quite the fight I had wanted to from the Kansas State Wildcats nor the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The top two seeds in the tournament won a combined one game overall. It shouldn’t impact how the teams feel heading into the NCAA Tournament, though, so it’s not a huge deal. Just expected a statement game or two for each team.

Last, but certainly not least, how about the Iowa State Cyclones? Defeating Baylor, Kansas State and Kansas to become tournament champions, Steve Prohm’s squad came to play. Entering the 64-team gauntlet as a 6-seed, keep an eye on ISU over the next week-plus.

3. Address seeds that did not make it.

Indiana is the only non-tournament team that had a solid case for making it. Defeating Big 10 powerhouse Michigan State twice this year and also having key wins such as Wisconsin, Marquette and Louisville, the Hoosiers missed the big dance by just a bit. This was likely because of their 17-15 record – just not consistent enough to qualify.

4. Expanding the field to 128 teams…

Not a fan of that at all. March Madness is one of the single-most exhilarating, adrenaline rush-inducing, nail-biting, yet satisfying sporting events of the year. If not the most. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it!”

5. Marquette vs. Murray State?

Markus Howard vs. Ja Morant. Two of the most exciting players in college basketball square off in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. What else could you ask for? Marquette is the more battle-tested and experienced team in this matchup. Murray State is the trendy pick – and my pick – but choose the Racers at your own risk.

6. Opinion of the best conference tournament?

I think the ACC Tournament was the best of them all. Featuring a Duke/UNC matchup that could very well end up being the national championship tends to draw quite the crowd. Florida State’s upset of 1-seeded Virginia also sent shockwaves throughout the CBB world. A tourney with three of the best teams in the nation, how could it not be the best!?


  1. Tyreek Hill Story?

On Friday, it was released that Chiefs superstar wide receiver Tyreek Hill was under investigation for child abuse/neglect and battery against a juvenile. It was soon after made known that Hill’s name wasn’t mentioned in the latter report, which is the most recent one. On March 5, police were called to Hill’s residence to gather information about child neglect and abuse report. A little over a week after, they returned to the same residence in response to, this time, battery.

The catch here is that Hill’s fiancé, Crystal Espinal, is the other party named in the battery report. This situation is very murky and if Hill is found guilty, he must be removed from the Kansas City Chiefs. As someone who has pled guilty to domestic violence in the past, Hill has used his second chance already. With that said, it was decided that there was no reason to prosecute Hill when looking at the child abuse/neglect file – so maybe he is in the clear? Could the fiancé be the one to suffer legal repercussions?

To end this topic, the widespread notion that Hill was/is “under investigation” is a bit extreme to me. Because the first case is closed and Hill’s name isn’t mentioned in the other report, it doesn’t seem fair to declare him under investigation simply because both reported acts occurred at his residence. A better choice of words would have been more beneficial. I would not be happy if I were Tyreek Hill and innocent (emphasis on the “and”) in this situation in regards to how the media covered it to start.

2. Johnny Football to the AAF. What are your thoughts about this league? Have you watched?

It seems like we’ve been talking about “Johnny Football” for ages. In reality, the former Texas A&M star is just 26 years old and remains in his athletic prime, if not just about to reach it. With an unspectacular track record in the NFL and CFL in addition to being banned from the latter league, Manziel’s football career is on its last leg. Once a person who was arguably a top-10 polarizing football player at any level, Manziel has one last chance to prove he belongs.

I watched the first weekend of AAF football and, admittedly, haven’t watched since. That is not because the league isn’t interesting, though. I don’t have cable at school and don’t have much spare time on the weekends. With that said, I look forward to getting into AAF football in the future and think it can eventually become somewhat of a pipeline to higher-level football for its current players. It can go as far as it wants to!


  1. Is St. Patrick’s Day really a holiday for all people?

Saint Patrick’s Day can be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone but, to a certain extent, some will choose not to do so. Primarily an Irish and Irish heritage-centered day of events, there will always be a certain part of the population that will not connect with it as much as others. I still think the majority of people do something fun for it, though. As someone who doesn’t have a ton of Irish blood in me, I won’t go all-out for St. Patty’s Day. I will still have fun on the day, though!

2. 11 people running for KC MO mayor. What are KC’s biggest needs as a city?

I’m not much of a politics person, but I value education tremendously. I don’t think it’s possible for a government to invest too much time, money and effort in its youth. What the current adults of Kansas City are doing should be (partially) in an effort to transfer knowledge to the next generation of those living here. Whether that’s parenting, teaching, funding or any combination of the above is of little importance.

Kansas City just needs more community oriented-people. Selfless, caring, passionate leaders that are willing to improve the present and preserve the future. The rest will fall into place.

3. Seeding is the popular topic – what are the top eight condiments of all-time?

This is the best Footenotes question I’ve received so far. I’m going to cheat a bit here, but the sauce from Raising Cane’s is #1. After that, I’d have to go with ranch dressing. Barbecue sauce has to be third. If it’s Sweet Baby Ray’s, I’d have to rank it 2. 4, 5 and 6 go to ketchup, mayo and mustard. The final two spots go to sour cream and any type of hot sauce. Dissect my list in the comments if you want. I have no regrets.

4. Hot trendy education movement is schools going to 4 day schools weeks, thoughts?

I kind of like this idea. As a student, I liked the early release that USD #500 used. On the other hand, I felt like Wednesdays weren’t very productive. Having study hall at the end of the week (literally, Friday afternoon) was a head-scratcher.

The problem with switching to a four-day school week would be parents finding time/money for child care, food, etc. In addition to that, staff development would have to be moved to another day. Maybe we should make teachers go on Friday? Ha!

5. Is WWE still a popular sports entertainment industry? I can not remember the last time I watched a Monday night.

Call me crazy, but I think WWE is old news. I don’t watch it anymore because many of my favorite childhood stars have retired. Bringing back staples such as Jeff Hardy sparked my interest for a short period but in general, I haven’t sat down and watched Monday Night Raw in probably 7-8 years.

Ratings are at an all-time low. I think part of this is because of parents becoming more protective of what their children are watching. Aside from that, sitting down and watching a one-hour slot on Monday or Friday just isn’t as easy as it used to be. I miss those days.

6. Went to Barnes and Noble today. Saw an entire wall of popular groups in album form. Are record players making a comeback?

I wouldn’t say record players nor albums are making comebacks. I, for one, love albums. I’m enamored by the idea of supporting the artist in its most authentic way. With streaming services functioning as the new norm, purchases of CDs and vinyls has taken a huge dip. We’ve still got a record player in the basement of my house. I’ll be right back, I’m going to go dig it out.

7. Just heard the IRS frowns heavily on people filling out brackets for money. Is this gambling and should it be regulated?

I guess, if we’re being technical, then filling out brackets for money is indeed a form of gambling. Now that that’s out of the way: no, it shouldn’t be regulated.

8. Will it snow again in KC this spring? So done with it.

I have an odd feeling that Kansas City will get one more snow. Whether it’s a blizzard or a dusting remains to be seen, but a mid-April snow flake or two seems fitting.

9. More serious topic: New Zealand Mosque Shooting.

Reading about this gave me one of the worst feelings I’ve had in quite some time. To know that there are still people in this world that hate specific groups so much that they need to attack and kill them is sickening. To think that a human being feels the need to shoot down another human being is just as bad. Violence. Is. Not. The. Answer.

What’s even more saddening – this won’t be the last time something like this happens. Regardless of where it occurs or what group it’s against is of little importance. We’ve got to do our jobs as people to spread love and positivity to whoever we come in contact with.

Life is too short to be a negative person or be filled with hatred for anyone. At the end of the day, we are all people. Let’s act like it. Again: Violence. Is. Not. The. Answer. Love wins.

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